How are E-Cigarettes Safer and Cheaper than Traditional Cigarettes

ec3In this article we will be discussing the many ways that electronic cigarettes are safer to use then traditional cigarettes.  We will also talk about how much money you can save by investing in a reusable e-cigarette rather than buying packs of regular cigarettes.

How are e-cigarettes safer?

There has been a lot of research done about staying safe while using e-cigarettes.  According to there are many reasons to switch from traditional cigarettes.  First, using these e-cigarettes has no tobacco in them.  They also do not have the many chemicals in them that can cause cancer. These e-cigs do carry a small amount of carcinogens but no more than the nicotine patch, so if you are trying to quit smoking, these might be a great option to help.  E-cigarettes give off a vapor that is only gives off the flavor of the e-cigarette and is mostly water and nicotine vapors.  These e-cigs contain no smoke, no tar, no ash, no bad odor, no carbon monoxide, and no bad breath. This will help with the symptoms associated with smoking like coughing, wheezing, breathing problems, and less of a need for a rescue inhaler.  The cartridges that come with the e-cigarettes are full of nicotine which is the reason most people smoke in the first place.  Smoking only this and trying to decrease the amount you use over time, is a great way to get try to quit smoking all together.

Are electronic cigarettes cheaper?

Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.  A 5-pack of cartridges that comes with electronic cigarettes is usually around 9.95.  One cartridge provides enough nicotine equivalents to 20-30 cigarettes.  So in a 5 pack set for your electronic cigarette is like having 150 regular cigarettes for 9.95.   That is a huge savings and this will save you a lot of money a year on your smoking habit.

I hope you learned a little about why electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. Please do some more research about if you are thinking about switching, you can save a lot of money and be safer as well.

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