Finding Discounts On Electronic Cigarettes — How Much Do You Really Save?

ec2Is smoking becoming an expensive habit for you? Well, there is a way to still enjoy the act of smoking and save thousands of dollars while at it.


The tobacco industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is said that over 5 trillion cigarettes are smoked every year and you can therefore imagine just how much money these companies make from you.


The constant taxes imposed on tobacco companies doesn’t seem to affect them much since this cost is often shoved onto the consumer, hence the reason why smoking cigarettes is increasingly becoming an expensive affair to maintain. These prices have driven many to actually source for cigarettes in other states in a bid to get less expensive products and even shop online.


That said; fulfilling your urge to smoke doesn’t really need to make you go out of your way like that since there is a way to save money and still enjoy your daily fix, thanks to e cigarettes. E Cigarettes are cheaper and safer, what this means is that you do not just save the costs associated with maintaining your smoking habit but also save yourself from having to deal with health related issues.


How Are eCigs Cheaper?


Proving that cigarettes are cheaper is not difficult and here are the facts:


  • E cigarette cartridges are refillable


  • The cartridges can be used many times


  • Cartridges cost less than cigarette packs


E cigarettes are all about the cartridges! A normal cartridge comes with 20 smokes and usually costs about $3. If you were to ec4compare that with the cost of a pack of cigarettes which costs anywhere between five to twelve dollars, it’s safe to say that the amount of savings you will make in a year is significant depending on how much you smoke.


Even with the initial price of the entire kit, smoking normal cigarettes is still far much more expensive than e cigarettes. There are various ecig reviews that actually give you a break-down of exactly how much savings you can realise.


Other Ways to Save with eCigs


Besides the fact that eCigs are generally a cheaper affair, there are other ways in which you can realise further savings and this can be done through:


  • Using coupons


  • Bonus programs


  • Wholesale buying


Using coupons is one of the best ways to save on costs and there is no shortage of e cigarette coupons. You can easily find these online with the companies that sell these products. There are also bonus programs and these come with many rewards and access to promotions. More info on the site


You can also redeem points and use them as cash to purchase your favourite e cigarette kits and even get a free e cigarette sample. Finally, you can choose to buy wholesale cartridges. These are usually priced better and could save you hundreds of dollars. Finding a cheaper smoking affair is not as difficult as many assume. With e cigarettes you are not only going for the cheaper option but the safest one as well.



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