E-Cigarette Popularity Doubles in the United States

E-Cigarette Popularity Doubles in the United StatesRecent reports are coming through major news outlets about the usage of electronic cigarettes for both recreation and as a tool to quit smoking. This comes as a surprise to some due in large part to the fact that only a couple of years ago the usage was low amongst adults and there seemed to be no popularity growth. That has since changed with the ubiquitous release by many top brands and the fact that tobacco taxes are driving people to try different delivery methods of the components that make cigarette smoking so addictive in the first place. The number of smokers that are now utilizing this option is around 26% in some poles, which is up more than double in numbers. There are a lot of different reasons that are being cited in regards to the growth, and it’s interesting to see how much the general population is starting to gravitate to this battery operated option.

Easier Than Lighting Up

The fundamental reasoning that millions of people are turning to e-cigarette brands is simply the fact that it’s easier to puff on this type of apparatus than it is to light up a real option. Lighting up a real cigarette can be vexing in a variety of ways because you can’t do it in public, you can’t do it in restaurants, and many apartments and homes are no longer allowing this to occur as well. Being pushed away further and further from locales that allow smoking has caused many to find other outlets to get their nicotine fix.

The electronic cigarette option is a welcome change of pace because it relies heavily on the vaporization of a liquid. The liquid concentration of nicotine emulates the same type of option that is created when smoking tobacco; only it’s done in a simpler state. An atomizer is located in a cylinder and when the user puffs it vaporizes the liquid nicotine with flavors or without and a smoker breathes out pure water vapor. This is an odorless, tasteless, and harmless thing compared to that of the harmful array of things that come from packages from the big tobacco companies.

No End in Sight

There are a lot of big companies jumping on board the bandwagon to promote electronic cigarettes and the availability is starting to rise exponentially. It’s interesting to note that the numbers are starting to rise exponentially amongst adults for the purpose of leisure and to quit. Those that are trying to quit smoking find that this delivery mechanism can help curb cravings a lot better than cold turkey alone.

If you have yet to try this option out, the time is now as medical professionals are even on board with the fact that this is a safer to utilize than the traditional route of delivering nicotine into the blood stream. The next time you look at buying a pack of cigarettes, consider the electronic type and see the big difference in price, you’ll be likely to switch just like millions have done in the past couple of years.

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