Do eCigs Cause Sore Throat?

eCigs Cause Sore ThroatE cigarettes are one of the best ways to quit smoking. Though they do not help you to completely rid yourself of the act, they do a good job of helping you stay away from harmful chemicals that come with cigarettes.

This doesn’t mean that your e cigarette is free from side effects. One of the major side effects that come with smoking e cigarettes is sore throats. Even when you buy electronic cigarette products from the best manufacturers, you are still at risk.

Most people do not give sore throats the immediate attention they require and usually let the condition heal itself out. However it is a dire condition and could lead to further complications.

How Do eCigs Cause Sore Throats?

There are many reasons why your premium e cigarette could bring about a sore throat.

Below we address some of them:

  • Smoking frequency
  • Type of vapor
  • How you smoke
  • Nicotine

How you smoke plays a major role on whether or not you get sore throats. Though vaping ideally makes the throat moist and reduces your chances of getting a sore throat, vaping frequently does increase your chances of getting a sore throat.

It is recommended that you try and inhale the vapor into your lungs as opposed to your throat as this may cause irritations. High voltage means that your throat is subjected to extreme heat and this could also bring about the irritation. It is therefore best that you try to lower your voltage. Besides being mindful of how you smoke, some juices also increase your likeliness of developing a sore throat.

Menthol and mint have a cooling effect to the throat and using such electronic cigarette cartridges could reduce your chances of developing a sore throat. Constant exposure to nicotine has also been linked with sore throats and should also be considered as a contributing factor.

How to Deal With a Sore Throat

Having learnt some of the reasons behind eCig sore throats, it is also important to give some tips on what to do when you get a sore throat.

  • Cut Back on vaping
  • Eliminate dry air
  • Drink plenty of water

The obvious thing to do when you find that vaping keeps giving you sore throats is to cut back. The more you use that cigarette the more you irritate your throat and give it a harder time to heal.

You may also want to examine how you smoke and avoid letting in too much dry air. In other words, do not inhale dry air while smoking. While vaping helps keep your throat moist, it also helps to drink a lot of water. It is also important to realize that a sore throat is caused by viruses or bacteria, you must seek medical attention.

While there are other negative side effects that have been associated with smoking, sore throat is one of the major ones experienced by eCig users. This is regardless of whether you are using the cheapest e cigarette or the best premium brand in the market. You can also read electronic cigarette reviews to identify other side effects that eCig users generally experience.


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