The Workplace Is A Better Place With Electronic Cigarettes

e-cig reviewEnjoying work while you vaporize an electronic cigarette is every smoker’s dream. Imagine how many traditional cigarette smokers have so much trouble because they have to use their 15-minute breaks to smoke every time they want to. They have to go out of the office, and do their business, and then they have to come back in and work.

It’s such a time-waster. How many people would rather just light up in the workplace, and be done with it. If your boss allows e cigs in the workplace, then you’ll be in for a surprise when you realize that you can actually get your nicotine fix, your hand-to-mouth fix, and your oral fixation all in one, without having to leave and take a break like you would normally have to do with a tobacco-laden cigarette.

You’d feel such a freeing sensation to be able to sit at your desk and just work, without the pressures of having to get up and interrupt your workflow when you have to smoke a cigarette. The workplace will never be the same again.

In What Ways Do Electronic Cigarettes Help Workers?

 Every constrained, pent-up, overworked, tired, and disgruntled employee just wants to light up a cigarette to relax a e-cig review 1little while they’re at work. It’s one great way to just kick back and get a little relief in a heavy workday.

That option is taken away though, because smoking in most workplaces is strictly forbidden. There are some small and irregular businesses that allow smoking in the workplace, but most do not.

Traditional Cigarettes Are Not As Efficient

 The problem is that so much time is lost when employees have to take breaks to smoke. They have to get up from their chairs, walk down the steps, or take the elevator if it’s a high-rise, then walk through the lobby, walk outside, stand outside, sometimes in the cold, light up a cigarette, and then go all the way up to their room again, and get back to work, after exhausting themselves in the pursuit.

Compare that to just vaporizing electronic cigarette while you’re sitting at your desk and working on your computer. It’s so much better. Most people are multi-taskers, so they can do both at the same time.

Check With Your Place of Employment First

You have to check with your place of employment before you go out and buy a bunch of electronic cigarette gear though. Your employer might not allow it. There are new studies that suggest they’re not as safe as some marketing claims make them out to be.

The FDA is even considering banning their import into the country. Just make sure you check with your boss before you light up an electronic cigarette. You don’t want to get fired because other people in the workplace think it’s unsavory.

What’s The Good News for Electronic Cigarette Users Now?

The good news is that e cigarette cartridges and e cigarette kits are cheap if you want to buy them, and you should be able to buy e cigarette packs no matter what kind of job you have. You should be able to fit them into your budget, but you should read an e-cig review or two at our site  before you just delve into buying them.


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